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Sexy Role Play Outfits & Role Play Costumes

These sexy role play outfits are perfect for your next roleplay adventure with your partner. Discover an irresistible range of sexy role play outfits, from hot maids to dominant lingerie sets. Crafted with attention to detail and quality, our provocative pieces are perfect for intimate moments.

Nurse Role Play Costume


Slutty Nures Role Play Outfit


Spank Me Role Play Lingerie


Elegant Maid Role Play Costume


Dominant Maid Role Play Outfit


Slutty Maid Roleplay Outfit


Japanese Schoolgirl Role Play Costume


Schoolgirl Role Play Lingerie


Classic Cheerleading Role Play Lingerie


Naughty Cheerleader Role Play Lingerie


Slutty Nun Role Play Costume


Wet Look Nun Role Play Lingerie


Arrested Sexy Cop Costume


Open Chest Teacher Role Play Lingerie


Black Devil Roleplay Costume


Small Paws Sexy Role Play Lingerie


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These adult role play costumes aren't categorized. If you already know the specific category your sexy role play lingerie should be in, use our menu or the buttons above for easy navigation.

Useful Tips When Wearing Your Sexy Role Play Lingerie

1) It's all about the build-up. If you haven't planned the roleplay together, but you've been thinking about buying a sexy role play costume, purchase the costume without telling them, or at least without them seeing a picture of the costume. Even if your partner isn't into actual roleplay they will go crazy over the role play outfit - everybody does.

2) Once the sexy role play costume is there and everything fits perfectly as planned, send him a naughty message in the morning. Examples would be: [I bought something really naughty. Can't wait to show you tonight] or [I have a surprise for you tonight at 11. But it's too dirty for me to tell you over text. You will have to see for yourself.] The build-up you are creating will drive them nuts all day long. They will be thinking and fantasizing about you non-stop. And when it's time to reveal the surprise, they will be at their peak of horniness.

3) Your sexy role play outfit on its own will make your partner's eyes pop out. But creating an erotic environment will take your night to the next level. Dim the room and use sent candles or neon red LEDs as a light source. Your choice of music is obviously a question of taste, but you can't really go wrong with "The Weekend" or "R&B".

How To Act During A Roleplay?

While some just like to wear their roleplay lingerie during sex without any context really, others understandably want to create a plot around it eg. the helping nurse, the cleaning maid, the dominant nun, or the naughty schoolgirl that needs punishments.

Preparation is key: Make up a couple of phrases and maybe even learn them by heart beforehand. Think about what naughty things your character would or could say. If during sex you can't think of anything more to say, remind yourself of these phrases - as a last resort kind off. Not only do you have a fallback, but you can also approach sex less stressed. 

For further tips, check out our guide or see our sexy scripts. They take away any stress and pressure you might have since the only thing you have to do is follow the instructions and read the script.

Different Types Of Sexy Role Play Outfits

We generally distinguish between role play costumes and role play lingerie. Role play lingerie usually is more revealing and see-through, while role play costumes cover up more skin and are less or not at all see-through. Both can and should be worn in the bedroom, but some role play costumes can also be worn to parties or fetish clubs.