300+ RP Plot Ideas To Never Run Out Of Ideas

By Massimo Jenkins – Aug 20, 2023

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Let me guess, you already tried the classic “teacher-student” and are looking for some more inspiration? Although the classics are especially great for beginners we understand that at some point they get boring. Luckily for you, we have dedicated this entire website to this exciting kink and have created more than 200 roleplay plots for you to try out.

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We get it, 200 is an overwhelming number. That’s why we categorized them into topics to make your decision and navigation easier.

We recommend these to all beginners. Rather start with easy ones and later move to another category. This ensures a pleasant first experience and hopefully convinces you to further explore this amazing kink.

For those who don’t want to spend money on clothing, we have an entire category with plots that do not require fancy costumes. You will find some clothing recommendations, but you’ll already have most of them at home.

These are great if you are into power dynamics and punishments. We would recommend these RP plots to more advanced players, just because besides acting you might also have to use a punishment tool.

Tying your partner up can be intimate and romantic or rough and spicy, all depending on your preferences and the plot. Bondage can not only be used to create a power dynamic. Click the link below for more.

Great for those who love to dress up. Not only can you put on the outfit of a supervillain or your favorite movie character, but you might also have sex with your favorite marvel character.

Although all of our BDSM roleplay plots can be applied to a dynamic with the woman as the dominant, we have additionally created a category exclusively for female doms.

If you fantasize about being punished by your step-mom or doing it with your step-brother when your parents are gone, this category is for you. Although many believe this to be a taboo topic, it’s one of the most popular fetishes.

One of the most popular fetishes couples have is a threesome. But when the time comes to have one they often don’t know how to engage all three partners in the sex. No worries, these plots got you covered.

If you have tried and loved DDLG, this kink is for you. Others will like it for its cute aesthetics as well as limitless training and punishment possibilities.

One of the most popular roleplay plots amongst the gay community. Command training and fetish meetups are a huge part of this kink.

Age play where the male adult partner takes on the character of a dominant but very nurturing and caring daddy dom. While the female adult partner acts as an innocent little girl.

Another age play for those into MILFs or dominant elderly women. It differs from femdom since the dominant female partner usually takes on a nurturing and caring character.

This fetish has many sub-categories, with pup play, kitten play, and pony play being the most famous ones.

Training, competitions, and showing off – that’s what pony play is about. But be aware the gear can get expensive.

Since the internet is full of straight roleplay suggestions, we felt obliged to create some roleplay plots exclusively for lesbians.

Although pup play already covers a lot of gay roleplay this list of roleplay plots covers even more exclusively for gay couples.

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