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1) Who Should Use A Script For A Role Play?

Chances are high that you aren’t naturally gifted at acting and improvising. But without a role play script that is exactly what you have to do – improvise. Understandably, this leads to an awkward dialogue before giving up on this amazing kink altogether.

And although you would get there with enough practice, scripted role play is the way to go, think of it as a shortcut. Especially beginners will benefit tremendously from having a role play script that guides them all the way. Not only won’t you have to think about what to say, but you’ll also benefit from another person’s dirty and creative mind.

Think of it this way: Asking a beginner to improvise during sex, is like asking a regular dude to perform on a theater stage without lines. I admit, maybe not the best example, but you get what I am saying.

2) How Do You Use A Sexual Role Play Script?

Maybe you are asking yourself “how the f am I supposed to have sex while having a role play script in my hand.” While many couples report this to be sexier and easier than you might think, there are some other options you should consider.


If you imagine awkwardly holding the script in your hand while penetrating your partner, rest assured that’s definitely not happening. Because most of the roleplay happens before you get to sex, that’s when you will be holding your script. And even that is not necessary. When you get to sex you will be immersed in your character and remembering what to say and do will be easy.

Option 1: Take it as inspiration

Instead of reading it word for word, you could use it as an inspiration. You both read through the script and only take the parts that appeal to you.

Option 2: Read it before sex, then act it out

Make yourself comfortable on your couch or bed while reading the script to each other. Then, act it out without looking at the script. Chances are high that you will remember more than you think.

Option 3: Learn it by heart

Some people are naturally talented at learning things by heart, while others might have practiced this skill during their years at high school or university. If this is the case for you, learning your script by heart is an option. 

Nevertheless, I do get that this can be quite an effort, so I’d suggest the following. First, try out different scripts via the other options and once you found a roleplay you both truly enjoy, learn it by heart and your future sessions will be so much more natural and erotic.

The light version of option 3 would be to only learn the lines by heart that occur during sex and to read all the other lines from your script.

Option 4: Print it on paper

Familiarize yourself with the script before starting. Then print out the role play script and read from the paper during sex. Try to hold as much eye contact with your partner as possible.

Option 5: Use your phone

An A4 paper can be quite large and difficult to hold during sex. Alternatively, you could put your phone into airplane mode and read the script from your phone. It’s smaller and easier to hold during sex.

3) How To Create Your Own Script For A Role Play (+ Example Of Role Play Script)

Rather than using a pre-made script, you could write your own. I will give you a short guide on how to do this by means of an example.

Step 1: Chose your characters

Either you come up with your own scenario and characters or you check out our 200+ plot ideas to get some inspiration. 

Example – step 1: 

Character 1: Gynecologist 

Character 2: Female patient

Step 2: Agree on a rough storyline

Before writing your actual word-for-word sexual role play script, think about how your storyline will develop.

Example – rough storyline:
The patient is called into the doctor’s office -> Quick chat about the previous vacation (natural storyline) -> Patient takes a seat -> Doctor starts an examination which leads to petting & fingering -> Slowly progress to sex

Step 3: Decide on your costumes & accessories

I am a strong advocate of costumes. Not only do they look incredibly sexy, but they make staying in character so much easier. It will be much easier to switch from your daily character to a fictive and temporary one. Think about any possible accessories you could use for even more authenticity. 

Example – costumes & accessories:

Gynecologist: White doctors coat, light blue shirt, chic trousers

Patient: Push-up bra, short minidress, string

Accessories: stethoscope, latex gloves, lube, vibrator

Step 4: Note down your limits and pleasures

Writing down your limits and pleasures will help you respect those limits and also get inspiration from your pleasures when writing your script. 

Example – limits and pleasures: 

Partner 1 = gynecologist // Partner 2 = patient

Partner 1 – limits: anal play 

Partner 1 – pleasures: blowjob, dirty talk, domination, control, oral on her

Partner 2 – limits: anal play, aggressive sex, calling her a “worthless whore” 

Partner 2 – pleasures: sensual sex, fingering, oral sex, missionary, doggy style, likes being called “little slut” 

Step 5: Start writing the script

Writing your script will be so much easier after completing steps 1-4 because they will inspire you down the line. Sit down together and start writing your script on a laptop rather than on paper. Include your character’s actions in brackets to avoid confusion when reading. 

While writing your script answer the following questions and your play will flow naturally, guaranteed! 

1. How and where do your characters meet? 

2. The beginning of the roleplay should be natural -> therefore ask yourself what would the characters naturally do after meeting eg. small talk/ talking about the last vacation etc. 

3. How do you build erotic tension eg. dirty jokes or comments, accidental touching, or bending over 

4. What is the punishment for? 

5. How do you transition to foreplay? eg. spanking as punishment

6. What type of foreplay would fit the scenario? 

7. How do you go from foreplay to penetration? 

8. How does sex fit into the scenario? 

9. Is there a plot twist at the end? 

10. Does the roleplay include a power play? 

11. Which partner is the dominant and which is the submissive? 

12. How will you incorporate the costumes? eg. using tie as bondage tool 

13. How can you incorporate sex toys? 

Example – starting the roleplay: 

Gynecologist: “The next is Lena, please enter!” 

Patient: (Lena enters the doctor’s office while fixing her push-up bra) “Hiii Dr. Anderson, it’s always great to see you, how are you?”

Gynecologist: (Checks her out from top to bottom) “Hi Lena, nice to see you again. How was your vacation? You look tanned.” (wink)

Lena: “Finally someone appreciates my tan. Barcelona was great, so warm and relaxing! I still can’t believe I’m going back to work tomorrow!” (pause, touch his arm) “Have you been hitting the gym lately, you look bigger?”

Gynecologist: (nervously looks at her) “I haven’t, to be honest. Why don’t you take a seat” (nodes in the direction of the examination chair)

Lena: (slowly takes off her string and lays it into Alex’s hand) “You can keep it” (wink) (walks to the chair and makes herself comfortable)

4) Where To Buy Role Play Scripts?

We have searched the world wide web for free and paid sexual role play scripts. Because we weren’t too satisfied with what we found we also created our own, for you to download.

Free role play scripts

We understand that not everybody is willing to spend money on a roleplay script, since some might be concerned about how to use it during sex or are just not sure if the quality is that great.

Lucky for you, we’ve created a free roleplay script for you to try. Give it a go and if you liked it come back and go for a premium script. They are even longer and of higher quality with some extra spice.

Paid role play scripts

If you are looking for something more premium, I’d suggest you go for one of our paid roleplay scripts.

Our first script “Sex Study” is great for those who love to do many different sexual activities. It’s realllly long and will tease you both mercilessly.

Our second script “Detention” is a classic teacher-student script where the student gets punished for naughty and disrespectful behaviour.