How Sexting Roleplay Will Spice Up Your Long-Distance Relationship

By Massimo Jenkins – Dec 12, 2023

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1) Three Reasons For Sexting Roleplay

The most obvious reason is that your partner lives abroad and you are currently in a long-distance relationship. Sexting roleplay is a great way to build sexual tension between you two while getting off. Not only will your naughty words turn on your partner but also create a visual in their head making them fantasize about you.

Some people find roleplaying in person difficult. Reasons for this could be shyness, lack of acting skills or it might be outside their comfort zone. Sexting roleplay solves these problems. You can edit your message and you have time to think about your responses without being pressured by awkward silence.

Or maybe you just want to try something new. Perhaps you have a “fuck it list” and your next thing to try is sex text roleplay. Perfect! Although this guide won’t cover regular sexting, it will explain in depth how roleplay sexting works.

2) Discussing Your Sex Text Roleplay With Your Partner

Step 1: First of all, you must choose a scenario you want to play. Our website has more than 200 different scenarios, so you’ll have plenty of roleplay text ideas. Either check out our classic roleplays, BDSM roleplay, femdom roleplays or bondage roleplays.

Throughout this article, I will use the “Gynecologist and patient” scenario to give you specific examples of how to introduce the character, start your sex text roleplay, and sext with your partner.

Step 2: After agreeing on a scene, you should talk about a rough plot. While this by no means needs to be detailed, knowing where the roleplay is heading is a must. Not only will this avoid uncomfortable silences over text but it will also ensure both partners’ boundaries and limits are respected.

Example – rough plot:
Patient enters the doctor’s office -> Small talk about life and how sexy patient looks -> Doctor helps patient onto examination chair -> Doctor starts examination -> Doctor stimulates vulva of patient -> Sex

Step 3: Agree on a date and time for your sex text roleplay. For the optimal vibe, I’d recommend roleplay sexting at night. Block at least 90 minutes in your calendar to avoid any time pressure coming up. 

Step 4: Talk about your limits and boundaries. This could be specific sexual acts or words your partner should avoid. Additionally, choose a safeword that will terminate your sexting roleplay in case one partner feels uncomfortable and wants to end it.

Example – limits:
Partner 1 might say: “I don’t want to include rough sex. I would prefer the roleplay to be more sensual and slow. I love to be called “little slut”, but avoid calling me a “bitch” or “worthless.”

Step 5: After having talked about your limits and boundaries, it’s time to talk about what sexual acts turn you on during sext roleplay.

“I want you to describe how you tease me through light touches around my vulva until I beg you to do more. Tell me how you finger me, lick me, and fuck me in missionary and doggy. Describe how and where you touch me so I can imagine as much as possible.”

3) Create Your Own Character

Step 6: Take a piece of paper or a document and describe your character in detail. Although this might sounds boring and unnecessary it’s going to help you tremendously when writing messages. This will help you describe your actions in an erotic way when roleplaying.

Download our free "Sexting roleplay support sheet"!

This is what you get: 

  1. A template to describe your characters looks, traits, skills, and possible phrases. 
  2. Space to note your rough plot, first message, partner’s limits, and pleasures. 
  3. Example of how the template could look like when filled out.
  4. A list of sexting tips.
  5. Questions you can ask yourself when writing.
  6. List of erotic adjectives to choose from. 

4) How To Start Your Sext Roleplay

Step 7: Decide which partner will start the roleplay. The chosen partner will describe the scenario and starts the dialogue. Describe where your character currently is, what you are wearing, and how the both of you link up.

Example – starting the sexting roleplay:

Lena (message 1): It’s a regular Friday evening and I purposely booked the last possible appointment that day. The doctor’s office is empty and as planned I am your last patient. While I am sitting in the waiting room desperate for your touch, I fix my braw and adjust my tight mini-skirt. Although it’s freezing cold outside my mini-skirt just about covers my butt. I’ve matched it with a white blouse showing as much cleavage as possible and black thigh-high stockings. Finally, I hear my name called. I walk to your office and enter. “Mr. Anderson, it’s so good to see you again. How are you?” 

Young man roleplaying an attractive gynecologist

5) Roleplaying With Your Partner

Step 8: After your partner initiated the roleplay, it’s your turn to respond. Don’t worry too much about whether you will be able to think of an answer. You basically just have to respond to them, while being descriptive and adding something extra they can react to. 

But in the unlikely case that you are unable to come up with a response have a look at your “Sexting roleplay support sheet”. The example sentences and characteristics will help you be creative.

Example – response to the first message: 

Alex (message 2): “Hi Lena, good to see you. As always, please call me Alex” I respond while eying you from top to bottom. During your previous visits, I always thought you were hitting on me but I could never tell for sure. 

But seeing you in this outfit I was certain, you were trying to impress me. Luckily I was all for it. “Take a seat please,” I say while pointing to the examination chair. “How was your vacation, I can see you got a tan?” 

Always make sure to add a question or action which your partner can respond to. Your scenario will be more engaging and it’s easier for your partner to come up with a response. 

Example – end message with an action your partner can respond to: 

Lena (message 3): “Thank you doc, I am happy you noticed my tan. I’m sure you will get to see more of it later” I respond flirtingly with a wink. Before I head over to the chair I slowly take off my string and give it to you. “You can keep it” I whisper into your ears while touching your muscular arms.

Describe your actions in detail and do not shy away from adjectives. They help your partner imagine the scene as if they were there. 

Example – being descriptive: 

Alex (message 4): I stand there in shock with your soaked panties in my hand while you make yourself comfortable in my new examination chair. After I have caught myself again I carefully take your legs and place them on the leather cushioned leg holders as you slowly pull up your tight skirt, revealing your shaved and dripping wet pussy. After putting on my latex gloves I tease your outer lips through light touches while pretending to examine your skin. 

6) Costumes

While it is absolutely possible to spark your partner’s imagination solely through text, pictures are even more effective. To take your roleplay to the next level I encourage you to incorporate pictures. 

Buy a fitting roleplay costume and shoot some naughty pictures in different poses and situations. When the moment is right send your partner the pictures. They will go crazy, trust me. 

Example – sexting & sending picture:

I pretend to grab my purse but accidentally knock it off the table. I flirtatiously get up, and with my ass facing you I bend over to pick up my purse. (Send a picture of yourself bending over)

If you feel uncomfortable with sending explicit pictures of yourself, you could use pictures from the internet or screenshots of a porn movie. For example, when describing how you take your partner in doggy, you could send them a screenshot of two porn stars doing doggy. 

7) Where To Sext Roleplay

First of all, I recommend you do this on your computer. All the below-mentioned messaging platforms can be used on a computer. Not only can you type faster on a keyboard but you can also have your “Sexting roleplay support sheet” opened.

If you are not concerned about whether you can delete your messages after the roleplay, you can skip this paragraph. Although WhatsApp is quite popular, you are only able to delete your messages within a certain time period or by activating self-deleting messages. Because Discord and Slack both allow you to delete messages easily, I would recommend using them.

Nevertheless, be aware that your partner could still screenshot your messages. Therefore only engage in sexting roleplay with a partner you trust.

Another benefit of using a messaging platform is that you could use a grammar checker (Grammarly or the Languagetool). This may sound picky, but grammar mistakes in your texts can be quite annoying.

We hope these roleplay text ideas helped you with your next sexting session. Feel free to share and spread the word.

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