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25+ Daddy Daughter Roleplay Ideas For Kinky Age Play (Sexual and Non-Sexual)

By Massimo Jenkins – Aug 20, 2023

Two woman dressed as schoolgirls for a daddy daughter roleplay
Table of Contents

1) Definition Of Daddy Daughter Roleplay

Daddy daughter role-playing also described as DDLG (DDLG meaning = Daddy Dom Little Girl) can be sexual or non-sexual. It’s often considered to have a relation to BDSM and is a form of Age play with one partner taking on the parent role, while the other partner takes on the role of a child. Very often there is a certain power dynamic with the parent being the dominant and the child being the submissive.

Being one of the most controversial kinks out there, I want to set things straight. This kink takes place between two consenting adults and has NOTHING to do with pedophilia. Some might argue that participants sexualize children, which is false. 

The little does not want to be a child but rather experience the feeling of being taken care of, having no responsibilities, and receiving punishments and rewards for their behavior. This innocent and playful behavior is exactly what turns on the daddy dom. While the word daddy is misleading, it’s only used to create a power dynamic and demonstrate who the authoritative figure is. 

Children do NOT partake in kink #NMIK. (No Minors In Kink!)

2) Different Types Of DDLG Role Play

On the one hand, there is age regression play which is entirely non-sexual and used for healing childhood trauma.

On the other hand, you’ve got age play. This can be sexual or non-sexual, depending entirely on the participating couple. Another factor that varies is the kinkiness of the punishments, while some enjoy light spanks, others crave more daring and thorough punishments.

3) What's a "Daddy Dom"

As mentioned the daddy dom is the dominant partner in this dynamic, taking care of their little but also punishing them for disobedience. While there is a certain level of dominance, it’s usually softcore and enforced verbally and through light punishments. Needless to say, there obviously are hardcore daddy daughter roleplay dynamics, just not that common.

Although more often than not the so-called “caregiver” is a male, dynamics with female caregivers, the so-called “mommy doms“, also exist. For more information check out this page

4) What's A "Little" And Her "Little Space"

The little is the submissive, doing everything in her power to please her daddy dom and follow his rules.

“Little space” describes a state where the brain releases chemicals due to complete immersion into their environment. Often described as an intense, warm, and safe feeling, littles get there by acting, dressing, and talking like an innocent child and being cared for by their daddy doms.

5) Why Is This A Turn-On For The "Daddy Dom"?

Often the first thing that comes to mind is “he gets to dominate her”. While domination can be part of this kink, it’s only a small part. Part of daddy daughter role-playing is that the little shows thankfulness to her dom for giving her attention and time. Receiving this kind of attention and gratitude from their little can be very satisfying. 

Needless to say, the act of taking care of their little in itself can be very rewarding. Not only because of the received thankfulness and percived pleasure but also because the daddy dom gets to direct and lead the DDLG roleplay.

6) Why Is This A Turn-On For The "Little"?

Similar to the daddy dom the attention received can be very pleasurable. Not only does the little escape their daily work stress, but they also get to be taken care of entirely while being in little space. This feeling of being cared for and having no responsibilities can be very appealing. 

A huge part of the daddy daughter role play is how the male authority figure enforces discipline on their little, creating the sub-dom relationship. Similar to other kinks, this feeling of submission is a huge turn-on for many subs.

7) How Does A "Daddy Dom" Act?

A daddy dom is caring and warm but enforces discipline through sweet punishment. Most importantly however he must ensure full consent and well-being of their little at any time during the DDLG roleplay. Doing activities together, getting her dressed, caring for her, and making sure she follows the rules (more on that later) are daddy doms main duties. 

While punishments can be a lot of fun for both partners, rewards are equally as important and essential to role playing daddy daughter. Losing control and responsibilities is one reason littles love this roleplay. It’s therefore important that daddy doms lead the DDLG roleplay and let her follow.

8) How Does A "Little" Act?

The little acts in an innocent and childlike behavior. This means sitting on daddy’s lap, sucking their thumb, asking for permission, being dressed by daddy, and most importantly trying to satisfy him through obedience and proper behavior. 

But because punishments are so much fun the little must throw a tantrum from time to time forcing daddy dom to discipline her.

Vocab: Talking like a child is part of the daughter daddy roleplay. For example, food would be “nom noms” and stuffed animals are “stuffies”.

9) Appropriate Clothing For Little

Wearing innocent clothing is a must. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Kawaii lingerie
  • Short skirts
  • Submissive tops
  • Yes daddy lingerie 
  • School girl outfits
  • Cute overalls
  • Knee-high socks
  • Adult onesies
  • Cute underwear
  • Pink collar
  • Pacifier
  • Pajamas
  • Teddy bear
  • Braided hair

10) How To Roleplay Daddy Daughter

First of all, you must get together and set a bunch of rules the little has to follow as soon as your roleplay starts. These could be: 

  • The caregiver must always be called daddy
  • Bedtime at a certain hour
  • The room must be tidied once a day
  • Daddy dresses the little and ties her shoes
  • Talk to daddy in case little feels sad or upset
  • Little can only touch herself when daddy allows it
  • Hold daddy’s hand when walking
  • Thank daddy for helping or giving you attention 
  • No swearing
  • Only allowed to watch cartoon shows 
  • Always shaved or waxed 
  • Little must sleep naked 

Some activities you could do together are: 

  • Coloring together
  • Reading a book to your little
  • Watching cartoons together
  • Playing with dolls/ toys
  • Going to the park/ beach for a picnic
  • Playing board games
  • Having a tea party
  • Bathing them in bubbles
  • Cuddling together
  • Dressing your little
  • Brushing their hair

We all know punishments are one of the best parts of kink, don’t even dare to deny that 😉 Some appropriate punishments could be: 

  • Sending the little to bed early
  • Taking away TV privileges
  • Hiding their toy or stuffy 
  • Making them do a certain chore
  • Spanking their butt with your hands or a wooden ruler
  • Edging them and not allowing them to cum
  • Tickling them 
  • No candies

Equally as important are praises and rewards when the little follows the rules and satisfies daddy. Here are some ideas: 

  • Allowing them to sleep in your bed
  • Letting them choose the next activity 
  • Ice cream or candy
  • Buying them a new toy 
  • Head pats 
  • Allowing them to watch a grown-up tv show with daddy 
  • Being called a good girl 
  • Forehead kisses

11) Daddy Daughter Role Play Scenarios

Important to know is that the submissive can play different ages. If your little acts an age from 0-12 she is actually called “little”. But teen ages from 13-17 are called “middles”. Because not every DDLG is sexual we’ve created a list with sexual and non-sexual daddy daughter roleplay ideas. In the roleplays that involve a middle daddy is more of a step-dad. So, if you are into that kind of fantasy you will love them. Use the following links to skip ahead. 

Little – sexual (traditional ddlg roleplay)

Little – non-sexual (traditional ddlg roleplay) 

Middle – sexual (daddy is more like a step-dad) 

12) Category A: Little - Sexual

The following roleplays for littles all end in sex, but you can always play the first part and leave out the sex. Or instead of a sexual punishment, you could use one of the above-mentioned punishments.

Two woman dressed as schoolgirls for a daddy daughter roleplay

What's that daddy?

Little sits on her daddy’s bed and watches him getting dressed. She asks him what he has between his leg. He explains what it is and what it’s used for. “Do you want me to show you?” he asks. The little is shocked but also curious to find out what it might feel like and agrees hesitantly. Engage in sex as if this was her first time. 

Wear this: Pajamas

Daddy gets caught

Little walks in on daddy masturbating. He gets mad, how many times has he told her to knock before entering. After spanking her as a punishment she thanks him like a good girl. As always her curiosity can’t be stopped and she wants to know what he was doing. Disappointed that only men can do this, she asks: “That’s not fair, why can’t women do this”? Daddy not only explains to her how women masturbate but also shows her. 

Wear this: Schoolgirl outfit

Little does not feel well

One day the little feels unwell, she’s sad and in a bad mood for no particular reason. Her rules clearly say that when unwell she must talk to daddy immediately. Of course, he is worried and drops his work immediately. He proposes cuddles, which quickly lead to a vulva massage and more. 

Wear this: Short skirts & Submissive top

Naughty girl

When daddy dom gets home earlier than expected he catches little watching grown-up tv past her bedtime. This means trouble. Little get’s no tv privileges for the rest of the week and needs to be punished. Either do this verbally, through spanking (with a wooden ruler), or orgasm denial (edging her to orgasm and then not letting her finish). 

Wear this: Pajamas

Tantrums while working

Daddy dom is working from home and needs to concentrate. Unfortunately little is begging for attention and distracting him from being productive. He places her on his lap while working so she can at least be with him. But little has other plans and starts rubbing him until he gets hard. Not being able to resist much longer he gives in.  

Wear this: Sexy schoolgirl outfit

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Rough day

When daddy dom gets home from an exhausting day at work, little immediately senses him being stressed out and energy-drained. She asks what’s wrong and proposes a massage. But daddy dom wants to take a hot bath together. Play with bubbles and bath bombs before exploring each other’s bodies.

Wear this: Adult onesies & knee-high socks

Accessories: bath bombs, bubble bath soap

Little urges pleasure

Little accidentally went through daddy doms magazines (you could watch porn instead) and is left horny. But she knows the rules, she can’t touch herself without daddy’s permission. Patiently she waits for him to return from work. She puts on his favorite outfit, cleans her room, and does her chores. When daddy dom gets home and sees that his little girl has been doing her chores, she gets the reward she has been waiting for. 

Wear this: Short skirts & Submissive top & pink collar

Morning surprise

When little wakes up early she climbs into daddy’s bed and cuddles him awake. To her surprise, there is something hard underneath the blanket. While daddy is still sleepy she starts playing with it. 

Wear this: Pajamas

Breast exam

First daddy brushes little’s teeth, combs her hair, and starts getting her dressed. Suddenly he stops and asks, “Princess, when was your last breast exam?”. “6 years ago” she answers. That being unacceptable daddy dom does it himself, massaging her breasts and sucking her nipples to ensure there are no lumps. “That feels so good, daddy”. He decides to show her what other things feel good too. 

Wear this: Short skirts & Submissive top

I've been bad, daddy!

Little ate way more sweets than she was allowed and now her tummy hurts. She sits on daddy’s lap and confesses what she did. He gets upset and lays her over his knees. For every candy she at too much, she gets one spank. When he’s done she lays there exhausted. Suddenly she feels how daddy massages her vulva. He knows, this always helps with tummy pain. 

Wear this: Schoolgirl outfit or ddlg clothes

13) Category B: Little - Non-Sexual

The following roleplays for littles don’t end in sex. But of course, you can add sexual or kinky punishments if both of you consent to it.


9:00 pm is bedtime. Daddy brushes little’s teeth and gets her into her PJs. He tucks her in and reads her a bedtime story while cuddling. 

Wear this: Schoolgirl outfit, later pajamas

Coloring time

Daddy picks up little from a playdate (could pick her up at a park). They walk home holding hands. He wants to spend some time with her and helps her with coloring while she tells him about her day. Amazed by her drawing she gets candy as a reward. 

Wear this: Short skirts & submissive lingerie & pink collar

Accessories: Coloring book

New toy

When little receives excellent feedback from her teacher, she gets to choose a new toy as a reward. Go to her favorite store and choose a new toy for her. Maybe even go to an ice cream truck to celebrate her excellent grades. 

Wear this: Cute overall 


Daddy is helping little do her homework. But little gets annoyed pretty fast and starts to swear and throw a tantrum. First daddy tries to calm her down but when that doesn’t work he sees no other way than to punish her. He makes her stand in the corner for at least 10 minutes and think about what she did. 

Wear this: Short skirts & submissive top & sub day collar

Poor princess

Little wakes up with a high fever and body aches. Daddy dom feeds her soup and dabs her forehead with cold towels to lower the fever. They stay in bed, cuddle, and watch cartoon series all day. 

Wear this: Pajamas

TV privileges

When little refuses to tidy up her room and complains about not being able to watch tv, daddy dom makes her write “From now on I will be a good little girl and follow daddy’s rules.” 60 times. When done make her tidy up her room. Only then can she watch 30 minutes of cartoons. 

Wear this: Short skirts & submissive top or cheerleader lingerie

Bubble bath

Daddy prepares a bubble bath for little. Wash her and play around with her while she is in the bathtub. Dry her and apply some lotion to her skin. Blow dry her hair and comb it. Daddy can even try to make pigtails. 

Wear this: Adult onesie

Accessories: Bath bomb, bubble bath soap

Backing time

Make chocolate chip cookies together. Have childish fun while doing so: Touch each other with flowery hands and eat raw cookie dough. When ready, eat them together with milk while watching tv and cuddling. 

Wear this: Short skirts & submissive top

Accessories: Tutorial for chocolate chip cookies

English tea party

Little prepares a tea party in her room. Pretend to be royals while drinking tea and eating biscuits. 

Wear this: Adult onesie

Accessories: Tea party set

Daddy caught her

While playing Monopoly (or any other board game), daddy dom catches little cheating. He scolds her for it and spanks her several times. With each spank, she must promise to never do that again. After that daddy sends her to bed early. 

Wear this: Adult onesie

Accessories: Monopoly

The fair

Go to a nearby fair. Take some rides and try to win her a teddy bear. Buy her some cotton candy or chocolate-covered fruits. 

Wear this: Short skirts & submissive top & knee-high lingerie stockings

13) Category C: Middle - Sexual

These roleplays end in sex and are for middles (playing an age between 13-17). Contrary to the little roleplays that came before, daddy is more of a step-dad in these scenarios. 

Frustrated virgin

When daddy gets home he finds middle frustrated and waiting for him to get home. All of her friends already lost their virginity and she just wants to get it over with. She tries to seduce him, but at first he refuses. Later while daddy is watching tv, the middle enters wearing sexy lingerie. At this point, daddy is no longer able to resist her. 

Wear this: Lingerie

Curfew punishment

Middle gets home late, drunk, and wearing a slutty dress. When she sneaks inside, daddy suddenly turns on the light, he has been waiting for her. Not only was she out past her curfew, but her dress is way too short for her age. This can only mean one thing, a thorough punishment. Daddy lays her over his lap and spanks her 15 times. With every spank, she must promise to never do that again. For sex to happen middle could tell daddy how horny the guys made her at the club and that she feels the need to be satisfied by someone experienced. 

Wear this: Short minidress 

Blackmailing daddy

When daddy tucks in middle to sleep she confronts him about a sex tape she got her hands on. It shows him having sex with one of her teachers. If he doesn’t show her his cock, she will leak it the next day. Seeing no other option he hesitantly gives in. But she doesn’t stop there, she wants more, she wants to taste it and feel it, just like her teacher did. 

Wear this: Sexy Pajamas

Extra pocket money

Middle has already spent all of her pocket money and it’s just been a couple of days of the month. When she asks daddy for more he refuses unless she does the chores around the house. Disappointed she locks herself into her room. At night she sneaks into daddy’s room and starts fucking him. When he’s about to cum she stops and makes him promise to give her money for the rest of the month. 

Wear this: Schoolgirl outfit

No touching

When daddy gets home early he catches middle masturbating in her room. Not having asked daddy for permission to touch herself, this clearly went against their rules. He spanks her thighs and ass as a punishment. For extra teasing and punishment, he could edge her multiple times during sex before letting her come.

Surprise in the shower

When daddy takes a shower, middle secretly watches him through the door gap. With his eyes closed and focused on washing his head, little sees her opportunity to sneak in. Daddy suddenly feels his dick being sucked. When he looks down, he sees middle, enjoying herself.

Attractive daddy is taking a hot shower

Caught masturbating

Through the open door middle can see daddy masturbating to porn. She starts touching herself on the other side of the door. But when daddy hears moans nearby he gets up to check and catches her red-handed. Both being on their heights of arousal they jerk each other off.

We hope we were able to introduce you to this kink and give you some inspiration for your first daddy daughter roleplay. 

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