25+ Daddy Daughter Roleplay Ideas For Kinky Age Play (Sexual and Non-Sexual)

By Massimo Jenkins – Jan 20, 2024

Two woman dressed as schoolgirls for a daddy daughter roleplay
Table of Contents

1) Definition Of Daddy Daughter Roleplay

Daddy daughter role-playing also described as DDLG (DDLG meaning = Daddy Dom Little Girl) can be sexual or non-sexual. It’s often considered to have a relation to BDSM and is a form of Age play with one partner taking on the parent role, while the other partner takes on the role of a child. Very often there is a certain power dynamic with the parent being the dominant and the child being the submissive.

Being one of the most controversial kinks out there, I want to set things straight. This kink takes place between two consenting adults and has NOTHING to do with pedophilia. Some might argue that participants sexualize children, which is false.Ā 

The little does not want to be a child but rather experience the feeling of being taken care of, having no responsibilities, and receiving punishments and rewards for their behavior. This innocent and playful behavior is exactly what turns on the daddy dom. While the word daddy is misleading, it’s only used to create a power dynamic and demonstrate who the authoritative figure is.Ā 

Children do NOT partake in kink #NMIK. (No Minors In Kink!)

2) Different Types Of DDLG Role Play

On the one hand, there is age regression play which is entirely non-sexual and used for healing childhood trauma.

On the other hand, you’ve got age play. This can be sexual or non-sexual, depending entirely on the participating couple. Another factor that varies is the kinkiness of the punishments, while some enjoy light spanks, others crave more daring and thorough punishments.

3) What's a "Daddy Dom"

As mentioned the daddy dom is the dominant partner in this dynamic, taking care of their little but also punishing them for disobedience. While there is a certain level of dominance, it’s usually softcore and enforced verbally and through light punishments. Needless to say, there obviously are hardcore daddy daughter roleplay dynamics, just not that common.

Although more often than not the so-called “caregiver” is a male, dynamics with female caregivers, the so-called “mommy doms“, also exist. For more information check out this page.Ā 

4) What's A "Little" And Her "Little Space"

The little is the submissive, doing everything in her power to please her daddy dom and follow his rules.

“Little space” describes a state where the brain releases chemicals due to complete immersion into their environment. Often described as an intense, warm, and safe feeling, littles get there by acting, dressing, and talking like an innocent child and being cared for by their daddy doms.

5) Why Is This A Turn-On For The "Daddy Dom"?

Often the first thing that comes to mind is “he gets to dominate her”. While domination can be part of this kink, it’s only a small part. Part of daddy daughter role-playing is that the little shows thankfulness to her dom for giving her attention and time.Ā Receiving this kind of attention and gratitude from their little can be very satisfying.Ā 

Needless to say, the act of taking care of their little in itself can be very rewarding. Not only because of the received thankfulness and percived pleasure but also because the daddy dom gets to direct and lead the DDLG roleplay.

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