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What Is The Difference Between Neko Lingerie & Cat Lingerie?

There really is no big difference. The term "neko" comes from the anime space and basically describes a style that consists of wearing cat ears, a tail, or cat lingerie. Quite often Neko is also associated with being submissive.

Is There A Fetish Associated With Kitty Lingerie?

A lot of people feel really hot and cute in their sexy cat lingerie and just do it for that exact reason, but others actually want to feel like a kitty.
They like to take on a innocent, carefree, and playful character of a kitty while being taken care of by their dominant partner, acting as the "owner" or "trainer". We have written a complete guide on kitten play you can read if you want to take your sexy cat lingerie to the next level.

Hot Ideas To Wear Your Cat Lingerie For

Your sexy cat lingerie will be a surprise in and of itself when revealed to your partner. To take your sex to the next level you could think of a hot plot to act out. Some examples from which you can take inspiration are listed below: 

1) Neko Training: As the name indicates the dominant partner says a certain command such as "sit pretty" to which the kitty must respond correctly. In this case, the legs are folded under in an upright position with the paws between their knees touching the ground. The above-mentioned article has more commands for you to try. This is a great activity to build trust and a bond while looking cute in your sexy Neko lingerie.

2) Brat: Many submissives love to be punished if it's done with a partner they respect and fully trust. But first, the submissive must provide a reason to do so. You could be watching TV while she is dressed in her favorite sexy kitty lingerie when she suddenly purrs and scratches you. This gives you the perfect opportunity to punish her. It goes without saying that full consent is always necessary. At first go with verbal punishments, before using your bare hand to spank your partner, spraying them with cold water or rough sex. 

3) Cute activities: No harm, if you don't like punishments and would prefer receiving treats for good behavior. But as explained in nr. 2 there should be a reason why your trainer or owner is giving you a reward.

  • This could be that you were especially good during training or you learned a new trick. 
  • Your partner might like your new sexy cat lingerie. 
  • You were a good kitty while playing "catch the laser". 
  • You were particularly well-behaved while he was bathing you. 

Great rewards any kitty loves are pets, cuddles, sweets, a new toy, masters cock, sex, or watching TV together while wearing their Neko lingerie.