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How To Style Your Sexy Gothic Lingerie Properly

Everybody has their own style and unique way to accessorize their goth lingerie. That's awesome! But if you want some inspiration check out our tips below.

Color: The obvious choice is black, duh. But some gothic babes, like to add a touch of dark purple, or even neon colors if they orientate themselves at cyber goth.

Stockings: Black stockings go perfectly with your goth lingerie, but an even more themed choice would be a black mesh stocking.

Leather: Is so freaking gothic and is perfect to wear above your goth lingerie. There are harnesses for your upper body, lower body, and even single leg.

Accessories: Tattoos, whether real or fake. Silver or black jewelry also looks incredible with black lingerie.

Neck: Check out our collars, which are a perfect accessory to your black goth lingerie and add a nice kinky touch if you are into that.

Make-up: A make-up trend that isn't a must at all, but that we commonly see among goth baddies, is pale white which is a great contrast to black goth lingerie.

Dark Plot Ideas For Even Darker Goth Lingerie

A goth very often enjoys the darker things in life. Of course, everybody is different, but there are some common things goth people are interested in. Such as the color black, the nighttime, the moon, cemeteries, rituals, skeletons, dark or alt music, etc.

Since dark lingerie can also be used as emo lingerie or femdom, the following ideas also include these categories.

1) Night ritual: You and your partner put on your favorite dark underwear, outfit, or dark goth lingerie and set up everything for your night ritual. Choose one that you and your partner feel comfortable doing together. Even better if the moon is out ;)

2) Witch: I know, I know, goth and witch stuff don't always go hand in hand. I fully agree, not every goth is into witch stuff, but it makes for a hot roleplay and you can wear your gothic lingerie. You as the witch have the power to enchant anyone. Where and when you do it is up to you. Using a magic potion at nighttime could be hot. Once under your spell, you can either have him satisfy your every need or do a ritual with him.

3) Mistress: This gothic lingerie is perfect to wear under a dominatrix outfit. There are endless femdom roleplay ideas on this site. Have a look and try them out.