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Shop one of our sexy teacher outfits and let your partner satisfy you for his A* grade improvement.


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Difference Between Teacher Lingerie And A Sexy Teacher Outfit

Both types are really hot and made for some serious roleplay, but they definitely differ in terms of coverage ;). The sexy teacher lingerie has less covering fabric, showing off even more of your amazing body. It's basically the sexualized version of a teacher outfit. Our sexy teacher outfits are more covering, still sexy and naughty, but they come closer to the real thing.

Why We Love A Hot Teacher Outfit And The Associated Fantasy

There are so many interesting fantasies out there, but there must be a reason why they exist. Some are quite hard to explain, but I feel the sexy teacher fantasy is an obvious one.

1) Movies: An absurd amount of Hollywood movies have been sexualizing male and female teachers. Think about it, "Bad Teacher" with Cameron Diaz and Justing Timerblake, they are both freaking hot.

2) Adult industry: Adult movies have been known for using certain types of fantasies over and over again, including the teacher-student fantasy. Since many of us and our partners regularly watch porn, it's no wonder that we subconsciously think that these scenarios are hot and fantasize about our partner wearing a sexy teacher outfit.

3) Taboo fantasy: It's no secret that some of us fantasize about doing something naughty or taboo. Having a relationship with your teacher or professors is for a good reason forbidden, but that makes it just so much hotter. Probably one of the reasons why the adult industry loves putting their actresses into sexy teacher lingerie.

How To Make Your Naughty Teacher Outfit And Roleplay A Reality

Since this fantasy is so darn popular there are endless possibilities for storylines. Start with these and if you need more check out our other blog posts.

We also have a teacher student roleplay script you can check out. It has tips, instructions, and of course, a really hot dialogue for you to act out.

1) Unappropriate behavior: In this scenario, the naughty teacher is the dominant. During class, you've noticed how one of the cool kids was staring at you, well actually at your body. He didn't even break eye contact when you caught him. After class, you call him to the front and confront him. But it's no use, he doesn't even deny it. On the contrary, he tells you how "fucking hot" you look in that sexy teacher outfit, and that's where you draw the line. Bend him over your knees or the desk and make him apologize for his behavior.

2) Parent conference: Like every year you call in the parents of your difficult students. When this smoking hot dad (or mom) enters the room you hope for more than just a friendly conversation. Sit him down and tell him terribly bad his son has been behaving. You threaten him with failing his class if things don't change immediately. But you also give him another option. Stand up, show off your hot teacher outfit or teacher lingerie, and flirtatiously stand behind him, massaging his shoulders and stroking his chest. "You know, my husband hasn't been satisfying me lately. Sooo .... there seems to be a possibility for you to gain a favor, such as not failing your boy". What caring parent would say no to that proposal?