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Convince your boss to get you a promotion with these sexy secretary lingerie sets.


Center Of Attention Sexy Secretary Outfit



Pull Me Sexy Secretary Outfit



Eye Candy Sexy Secretary Outfit



Boss's Favorite Sexy Secretary Outfit



Eyes Up Here Sexy Secretary Outfit



Mrs. Strict Secretary Outfit



Tight Sexy Secretary Outfit



Open Chest Sexy Secretary Outfit


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The Difference Between Sexy Secretary Outfits And Secretary Lingerie

Whether you wear a themed outfit or not during a roleplay can make a huge difference. Both mentioned types will take your plot to the next level and amplify your partner's fantasy. While the sexy secretary outfits are very similar to those seen in movies and real life, the secretary lingerie is much more revealing and sexualized. There is no way an actual secretary would be able to wear these into the office, waaaay too hot.

Where Does This Obsession With Naughty Secretary Outfits Come From?

The image of the "sexy secretary" has been portrayed by the film industry for years. Especially in older movies the successful boss or CEO, often times has a hot secretary sitting outside wearing a tight pencil skirt and a white blouse. It's such a cliche that after seeing this dynamic multiple times the subconscious picks up on this.

Many adults watch porn and that's fine since most of us can differentiate between reality and acting. But it would be a lie to say that we don't fantasize at least about a couple of things, such as the sexy secretary fantasy. Who wouldn't want their partner to put on a sexy secretary outfit and reenact their favorite adult movie?

Storylines That Go Perfectly With Your Secretary Lingerie

There are endless storylines I could make up that would be perfect for your new sexy secretary outfit. Here are a couple:

1) Trouble at home: When the successful CEO has trouble at home (his wife isn't doing him), his problems seem to influence his work-behaviour. He appears more stressed and reacts more strongly to minor problems. His loyal secretary realizes that something must be off and confronts him. She has had a crush on him for years but because he had a functioning marriage she never tried anything, except wearing sexy secretary outfits and dropping the occasional pen now and then. She sees this as her chance to get with him and does ANYTHING to relieve his stress.

We also have a free roleplay script available, called "Office Affair" which you can download here. It has the exact story from #1 and is perfect for anybody who likes to put their sexy secretary lingerie to the test without having to think about what to say or do next.

2) Unfortunate mistake: Perfect for those into D/s. Your boss furiously calls you into his office. You made a mistake which has lost him a client and he confronts you about it. You hope you might get away with it due to your sexy secretary outfit, but he has other plans. He bends you over his desk and punishes you for your naughty behavior. This might be spanking with his bare hand, impact play with other toys, or even bondage. Whatever you both consent to. You must play the secretary ready to do anything for his forgiveness while he plays the dominant boss.