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Naughty School Girl Costumes & Sexy Japanese Schoolgirl Outfits

Ignite your partner’s inner desires with our smoking hot schoolgirl outfits collection. From classic plaid skirts to slutty variations, we’ve got the looks to fuel your fantasies. Shop one of our sexy school girl outfits and give your partner a reason to punish you.

Hot Nerd Green Schoolgirl Outfit


Blue Japanese Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit


Black Japanese Schoolgirl Outfit


Teacher Seducer Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit


Red Naughty Schoolgirl Costume


Innocent Pink Schoolgirl Skirt


Pink Schoolgirl Lingerie Set


Naughty Schoolgirl Costume Set


The Diverse Styles Of Naughty School Girl Costumes

1) The sexy Japanese schoolgirl: Typically this style consists of a short blue skirt and a white-blue top with some sort of blue tie. The stockings are usually thigh-high socks in black or even better, in blue.

2) Sexy schoolgirl lingerie: Compared to the other styles this one is the most sexy, it's very revealing and often even see-through. So if your motto is the sluttier the better, go for these.

3) Sexy schoolgirl uniform: In comparison to the above-mentioned ones this style covers up more. It's similar to actual schoolgirl uniforms worn in boarding schools, but still super hot and naughty. Great for some serious schoolgirl roleplay.

Why Are Naughty School Girl Costumes So Popular?

When choosing one's first naughty outfit, there are usually a few that instantly come to mind: maid, schoolgirl, nurse, nun, or cheerleader. But what makes the sexy schoolgirl outfit so popular?

1) They emphasize the feminine side: The short skirt and tight top perfectly emphasize the feminine curves and that, we all know, is something guys love.

2) The forbidden: Having a relationship with your teacher or professor is, for a good reason, prohibited. But since it's so taboo, the fantasy of it is so darn hot. Wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit and pretending like your partner the strict teacher brings us just a tad bit closer to having this fantasy in real life.

3) Adult movies: The sexy schoolgirl is one of the most popular categories when it comes to adult movies. Many people do fantasize about what they see in adult movies and hope to do these fantasies in real life with their partner. Not only the adult industry make use of the sexy schoolgirl fantasy, but Hollywood movies do too.

How To Seduce Your Partner With A Sexy School Girl Outfit

The schoolgirl lingerie in itself will already be a jaw-dropper, but when adding naughty phrases and a taboo story your night might be even hotter than expected.

1) Naughty schoolgirl: The classic story. You have been naughty in class and the teacher calls you to the front after the class has finished. He threatens to send you to detention, but you beg him to not do that. But it's not that easy. He will need some very persuasive convincing. Luckily your sexy school girl outfit already sets the right tone.

2) A better grade: Pick the naughtiest school girl costume you have and try to convince your teacher that you deserve an A*. At first, he might laugh at you, I mean you did get an F on your last test, but after seductively bending over and showing him what a good girl you are, he might start to see your strengths.

Super Tip - Dirty Talk: Everybody goes crazy over it. Make your partner moan in pleasure with these examples:
"Maybe if I spread my legs for you, Sir, you could give me an A*?"
"I will do anything if you don't send me to detention, and I mean anything"
"This sexy schoolgirl is all yours, professor"

We have a teacher-student roleplay script if you want some guidance. You just need to follow instructions and read the script. No stress, no cringing or awkward silences.

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