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Every sinner will want to be punished by your hands when wearing these sexy nun outfits.


The Seducer Nun Outfit



Punishment Expert Nun Outfit



Sinner Sexy Nun Lingerie



No Mercy Sexy Nun Outfit



Wet Look Sexy Nun Lingerie



Short Black Nun Lingerie Dress



Black Cosplay Nun Lingerie



Slutty Black Nun Outfit


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What Sexy Nun Outfit Should I Go For?

All of our nun outfits are great fits for roleplay, but some can also be worn to parties and events.

1) The sexy nun cosplay outfit: Although this type of outfit usually has a longer dress and is more covering it definitely keeps its sexiness. Great for roleplay, but even better for cosplay conventions.

2) Sexy nun Lingerie: You might already know the difference to type 1, yep the nun lingerie has way less fabric and is incredibly sexy. Perfect for roleplay, but less ideal for a party or event.

3) Latex nun outfit: For people that are into femdom, the nun character is perfect. They have authority over your sins and your forgiveness and it therefore makes sense for them to be dominant. Latex adds to that submissive-dominant vibe, especially if you choose the color black or red.

Sexy Nun Lingerie Is Perfect For Taboo Bedroom Scenarios

Even without a plot, your partner will absolutely drool over your new sexy nun outfit. Just in case you want to add a story to your sinful delight:

1) Naughty Sinner: Ideally you wear a sexy nun outfit that is made of or has the looks of latex or leather. Both of them convey dominance and perfectly fit your role as a dominant nun. Your partner, the sinner comes in to confess his last wild adventure in Las Vegas. Let him make up a hot story with a lot of nasty sex, maybe even substances, including a made-up personality. He kneels in front of you and you listen to his confession. When you realize the extent to which he had gone, you feel obligated to punish him, before letting him enjoy your sexy nun outfit.

2) Angry Priest: In this one, you will be the submissive partner. I, therefore, recommend going for a sexy nun lingerie rather than a nun cosplay. Your partner acts as the priest who has recently been very dissatisfied by your slutty behavior. It has come to his attention that you've been flirting with sinners and dressing up in slutty nun outfits while at service. The priest has the choice to either punish you in BDSM fashion or threaten you with transferring your ass to another church, famous for being strict and disciplined. Under no circumstances do you want to be transferred. You will have to beg him to stay, and if that doesn't work, offer him your virginity as a trade.

Dirty Talk And Your Sexy Nun Lingerie Go Hand In Hand

All genders love it when their partners moan during sex. It gives them feedback on whether they are doing a good job or not, on whether you are enjoying yourself, or not. Dirty talk is another thing almost anybody loves, although many admit to having trouble doing it themselves. It adds so much to your fantasy and amplifies your nun lingerie even more. Some examples are:

"Have you been a naughty sinner, lately"
"You know you deserve a punishment, don't you?"
"I didn't expect you to be such a naughty little nun"