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Individual Types Of Naughty Cheerleader Outfits

1) Cheerleader outfit: Compared to types 2 & 3 the outfit covers more skin and is often made from non-transparent materials. All of these 3 types are perfect for a steamy cheerleader roleplay, but they differ in looks, material, and sluttiness.

2) Sexy cheerleader lingerie: As the name indicates this type is way more revealing and perfect for Valentine's Day or date night. Many are see-through and very short in length.

3) Sexy cheerleader uniform: These come very close to the actual cheerleading outfits you see on TV and are often inspired by their styles.

Spicy Reasons To Wear Your Sexy Cheerleading Outfit

I assume you've figured out by now that we are an entirely roleplay-focused website. It's an amazing way to revive or intensify the sex you have with your partner. Hot outfits, like our hot cheerleading outfits, make your scenario 20 times hotter by amplifying the fantasy both of you are creating in your mind. Here are some ideas you can act out with your partner, the next time you get out your new sexy cheerleader lingerie.

1) Team captain: You get dressed up in your sexy cheerleader outfit and wait for him in your bedroom (the imaginary locker room). It's the end of the game and he should come soon. When he enters he is surprised to see you, the cheerleading team captain. You tell him how amazing he was on the field and that you think he might deserve a private show as a reward from you. Whether this is an actual performance or a spicy strip tease is up to you. If you like it dirty and sweaty go to the gym together and then slip into your roleplay costume as an extra touch of naughtiness.

2) The Coach: You've been part of the cheerleading team for years, but you've never made it to the team captain position, always number 2. You figure your coach might need some persuasive arguments to make you the cheerleading captain. Your sexiest cheerleader lingerie might do the trick. Surprise him in his office (home office, improvised office, etc.) and give him a show (striptease) that will undoubtedly demonstrate your value to the team.

Tip - Add hot phrases like the ones below to drive him crazy:
"I think you deserve some of this, after seeing your incredible performance on the field"
"What do you think coach, is my ass hot enough for me to be the team captain?"

Why Is Cheerleader Lingerie So Widespread?

There are a couple of reasons why people are so obsessed with sexy cheerleader outfits.

The main reason is the American football culture. Cheerleaders are part of the game and too many they are the highlight of the game. They train vigorously to perform complex choreographies all while wearing their famous cheerleading uniforms.

Secondly, movies have influenced us immensely in this regard. In how many teen movies is the cheerleading team captain one of the most important characters? It's many, let's just leave it at that. And in how many more is the cheerleading team captain the entire school crush, the prom queen, or just simply drop-dead gorgeous? Even more!

So not surprisingly many people subconsciously have a fantasy about doing it with a girl dressed up in a sexy cheerleader outfit.