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Sexy Leather Lingerie

Our collection of sexy faux leather lingerie sets is perfect for feeling dominant and expensive. These seductive sets combine erotic faux leather with daring designs, creating an enticing blend of authority and seduction. Our faux leather lingerie will have you feeling like an empowered vixen.

Pure Evil Red Faux Leather Lingerie


Dark Mind Faux Leather Lingerie


Open Back Faux Leather Lingerie


Erotic Black Faux Leather Lingerie


Revealing Faux Leather Lingerie


Tied Up Faux Leather Lingerie


Side Open Full Body Faux Leather Suit


Slim Fitted Faux Leather Lingerie Dress


Laced Up Faux Sexy Leather Lingerie


Cupless Faux Leather Lingerie


Grab Me Faux Leather Harness


Faux Leather Ribbon Harness


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Why Leather Lingerie Is So Hot

Sexy leather lingerie is a special sub-category since the look and feel are so much different than for example lace.

Black leather lingerie has that confident and empowering look. Many women feel so much more dominant while wearing it which is why it's a common choice for femdom activities.

Red leather lingerie especially, but any leather lingerie in general, differentiates itself from other materials in terms of sexiness. It's super naughty compared to common lingerie materials and communicates a whole different vibe.

Leather lingerie is without a doubt a timeless addition to your spicy wardrobe. Leather or leather-looking materials have been a popular choice for years and are very unlikely to go out of fashion, especially black leather lingerie.

Apart from the incredible looks, women's leather lingerie has a totally different feel. This obviously depends on what material is been used, whether it's real leather which is quite expensive, or faux leather, which is a lot cheaper. But the feeling of these materials on your skin can add another level of excitement when wearing them.

The Different Styles Of Leather Lingerie

1) Materials: Whether you like to choose real leather or faux leather is up to your budget, since the price difference can be quite steep. The looks of these materials are equally hot, but the feel can be different.

2) Color: The color you choose depends on what look you are trying to achieve and what the intent of the leather lingerie is. Red leather lingerie is quite naughty and sexy, while black leather lingerie communicates confidence and dominance. Are you going to use it in the bedroom or for attending a fetish party? Keep in mind that some fetish parties have a strict dress code that for example only allows a certain color, such as black.

3) Leather lingerie dress: Depending on how sexy and revealing the dress is, this style variation is usually worn to parties, events, or as a daily outfit. It is really dominant and empowering which is why it's great for femdom.

4) Leather bra and panties: This style is only intended for the bedroom and comes with no extra accessories, stockings, or straps. Buy these if you are not sure whether you are into leather or faux leather since they are a great way to start out.

5) Leather lingerie set: These are a statement in the bedroom or at parties. Sets usually include a bra, panties, garter belts, stockings, and maybe even accessories. Be sure to read the description of every product to make sure what is really included.