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Yes Daddy Lingerie & Daddy Panties

Surprise your dom with our “Yes, Daddy” panties, the perfect blend of playful seduction and demonstration of innocence. Whether you’re exploring a DDLG dynamic or simply looking to ignite passion, these panties are a daring choice. Your dom will go crazy over these daddy panties.

Black Yes Daddy Panties


White Yes Daddy Panties


Cute Pink Yes Daddy Panties


Yes Daddy Panties And Bra


White Daddy Panties And Bra


Black Yes Daddy Crop Top


Pink Yes Daddy Lingerie Set


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Why Your Dom Will Love These Daddy Panties

You've probably already figured out that your Dom likes to be called "daddy". So it comes as no surprise that he will absolutely love being called "daddy" in a written form i.e. printed on daddy lingerie. The fact that you are wearing this daddy lingerie on your body just makes it 10 times hotter for him.

Some daddies like it really naughty, which is why we have "cum in me daddy" panties, and other naughty yes daddy lingerie for you to impress him with.

How To Style Our Daddy Lingerie

Check out our DDLG outfits category for more items your daddy might love.

Pink and white are the perfect colors to choose for any further items, especially cute stockings.

There are so many options on how to accessorize your daddy lingerie. Stockings, leather harnesses, collars, pacifiers, and submissive tops are only a few options.

Another thing you can do, which is totally free, is to braid your hair.

How To Surprise Him With Your Yes Daddy Panties

There are a couple of ways you can surprise him with your new daddy panties.

1) Build up tension: Only do this with a partner you really trust and have confidence in. Take a naughty picture of you in your new yes daddy panties and send it to them during the day or morning. Use Snapchat or Whatsapp's "view once" features for a bit more security. Include a naughty message like "Can't wait to show you tonight". The tension that's going to build up during the day will be super hot for both of you.

2) Total surprise: If you feel uncomfortable with the first scenario, I totally get it. Lucky for you I have an alternative. Buy the daddy lingerie secretly and wear them under your normal daily outfit. Don't change anything or dress up specifically. Then when he undresses you, thinking it's just another regular sex session, he will be totally surprised and blown away when he sees your naughty daddy lingerie. He'll love it, I bet!

3) Distraction: This one is great if your partner has a home office and he sometimes retreats there for some privacy. The next time he does that put on your yes daddy lingerie with innocent stockings and a submissive crop top and surprise him while he is in there. Do it on a weekend when he isn't working, since you don't want to surprise him while he is in a Zoom call with clients.