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Camo Lingerie, Army Lingerie & Military Lingerie

Command attention with our sexy camo lingerie, a perfect fusion of authority and seductive. Comfortable yet provocative, our camo lingerie is ideal for roleplay, intimate moments, or simply expressing your daring style. Discover the power of seduction with this unique collection and leave an unforgettable impression.

Sexy Army Lingerie Set


Sexy Camo Lingerie


Green Erotic Camo Lingerie


Sexy Camouflage Lingerie Set


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How To Style Your Camouflage Lingerie

Camouflage lingerie is quite specific and not everything looks good with it. Since the camo lingerie already has a few colors I would advise against adding any further ones to your outfit.

If you want to make your camo lingerie even hotter you could add stockings in green or whatever color fits your camouflage lingerie.

The clothes you wear above should fit the military theme. Wearing a sexy military outfit with camo pants and a top is a great option, but not necessary. Black pants and a green top with dark boots would also do the job. As long as the colors somewhat fit the army lingerie, you are good.

Hot Army Sex Stories To Act Out While Wearing Camo Lingerie

In most soldier romance stories the man is the brave and courageous soldier, but why shouldn't that be the other way around?

1) Top secret: Your partner plays the general while you play the sexy soldier. He is the youngest general ever and literally everybody has a crush on him. Recently you feel like he has given you plenty of side-eyes. One night you get called into his office (your apartment). Wear your military lingerie and be there at the exact agreed-upon time. When you arrive he briefs you on a top secret mission he will send you on. Have your partner think of an exciting and dangerous mission. Since this might be your last time seeing the general you make a bold move and try to seduce him with your sexy camo lingerie. To initiate this he could "check" and pat down your uniform or do an examination to see whether you are fit enough for this mission.

2) Lost: This one can be acted out while camping alone in the wilderness or if you have some land available. While on a mission you get lost together and after days there seems to be no hope of survival. Since it might be your last day you decide to do it one last time in the wild with the stars above you. Obviously, your camouflage lingerie can't be missing.

Not everybody wants to use their sub collar as a submissive day collar, but rather during kinky sex. There are a couple of ways you can integrate your sub collar into sex. 

1) Attaching a leash: Some bdsm collars have a ring on either side to which you can attach a leash. While doing it, your dom might use that leash to pull you into a certain position, handle you roughly, or lead you to another room. 

2) Walking: The submissive gets onto all fours and is being walked by their dom. To do this attach a leash to the sub collar and lead her by commands or pulling. Just be careful to not hurt them. The submissive can be naked or dressed, that is up to you. 

3) Restraining: Again this requires a submissive collar with a ring on one side. Use a thin rope to tie your submissive to furniture or a post while having sex or playing with her. This can be really hot to those who love being degraded and humiliated.